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Ways to use video marketing for a small business in Las Vegas, NV

Video marketing is a powerful tool. It engages viewers much more than just text. Now that video has become so affordable, it is much easier for businesses to take advantage of it. We are in a world of smartphones and a wide range of social media platforms where video content reigns supreme. These platforms include Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, websites and blogs. There are many ways to utilize video marketing to win your audience and grow your small business.

Use of demos and tutorials

There’s no better way to win customers than to show them how your product works. It’s not easy to imagine how something would work by just looking at its pictures. Tutorials showing the product in action gives insight and clears up many questions customers ask, which saves you a lot of time.

Use of social media videos

Social media videos increase sales and generate leads. If you only incorporate compelling content in your videos then they will go viral. Maybe not viral nationwide, but at least with your target audience. People will share them with their friends and family. This creates a big pool of potential customers. Videos for social media should be short and aim to draw viewers to learn more by visiting your website.

Use of live video

The most authentic video marketing tool a small business can use is live video. For example, using Snapchat or Periscope, a small business can cover live events or just live stream to their viewers, showing how their products are used or how their services are provided. This definitely enhances peoples trust in your business.

Use of interviews

Not all businesses have physical products to showcase. Small businesses providing professional services can video interviews to market themselves. It can be used to create a sense of trust without meeting your customers face to face. Viewers will judge your credibility by the way you talk and behave while being interviewed.

Use of videos on your landing page

Using videos on your landing page will greatly increase your conversion rates. Keep in mind, that these videos should be relevant to whatever the users clicked on to get to the landing page. They should also include something of value to the user for watching, otherwise you are wasting their time.

Use of video testimonials

Videos showing testimonials of third parties greatly build credibility for a business. Potential customers get excited to purchase products and services from your business when they see a real customer talking about the benefits they have received from your business.


Use of about us videos

These videos help in making connections between small business owners and potential customers. The business owners and workers can introduce themselves to the public. People tend to trust businesses they can associate with faces and names.

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